Building Islamic character at early ages

How does your six-year-old kid act when a guest reaches your home?

Is he capable of doing daily practices and Adkar in Islam?

Is he aware of moral values like honesty and respect in Islam

Is he able to buy chocolate and pay by himself?

Is he able to read the sign boards himself?

If you want to make your kid capable of these, read the story.

Izzah is sitting in her beautiful living room with her laptop. A luxury LED chandler spreads a comfortable light throughout the room. The closed beautiful curtain is making her separate from outside noise. But she is muddled inside noises.
Adam, her elder son is not able to do basic calculations and do his activities. Now, he is seven. He needs attention and care always. He is not interested in Islamic practices and has a hobby of lying and hurting others. I see the children of my friends. They can do most of their matters by themselves and they are trying to follow Islamic practices.

She is submerged in noisy thoughts.

Suddenly calling bell rang.
She moved to the front door with a mumbling face.

When she opened the door, she has excited and hugged by saying
Hi Murshi

Murshi was her intimate friend when she was pursuing her bachelor’s program at the university campus.

How do you come, my dear
Come. Let’s sit in the living room.
Izzah said

She served mojitos to Murshi and placed the order for lunch in Paramount restaurant.

They started to hark back to sweet campus memories.
During the friendly talk, Job and family matters came as matters.

I was thinking about My elder son while you knocked on the door. He is seven now. Still not able to do his self-care activities like putting on his coat or brushing his hair. He doesn’t want to do any of our holy religious practices. I am too anxious about my second little that she would be the same after four years.

Still, do you worry about such silly matters?
Here, I have to tell a successful story, the story of my neighbour.
She was a busy professional not getting enough time with her little son.

The servant was offering care for him and she engaged him in old songs he tried to follow the lifestyle of the servant.
The parents opted for online kindergarten referred by their friends. Relatives and friends criticised you are trying to lock your child in the congested world and make him away from social skills.

Then what was their stand? Izzah asked

They got ahead online. This online experiment was a grand success. she replied.

How is it possible? Izzah amazed

practice-oriented system powered by the child-friendly curriculum made him capable of doing everything he needed. They train essential practices in Islam and motivate to make Islamic habits.

meem Kiddies world

What is their strategy to implement it? Izzah became too curious to know about it.

They train them in the class and suggest the guardian for giving them real experience and take the video. Teachers appreciate them and give gifts based on their performance.

Their real-life tasks are constituted in a way children feel that their parents are doing everything for them because when they go out, he has a task and while preparing the food, he has a task.

Now he is five, He wishes the visitors himself and blocks the parents from doing something which seems to be contradictory to what he learned.

Izzah said. This is the right option for my second child. Could you please mention the name of that institution and its admission procedure?
It’s MeeM Kiddies world.

Register on their website.

Registration link

Suddenly the calling bell rang.

Food delivery. Izzah murmured and moved towards the door with satisfaction for getting a solution for the burning crisis of her inner heart

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