About Us


To foster an enriched continuous learning community that promotes academic achievements, leadership, faith, knowledge and inspiration.


1. Provides high quality education by offering alternative solutions for traditional educational systems by utilizing modern technologies and proven teaching practices.
2. Foster an environment which allows students, without the restrictions of time and place, to take ownership and responsibility of their education by offering flexibility in order to help students to achieve their desired goals
What Do We Do

Unlimited Possibilities

Founders Message:

MEEM is India’s First Moral ed-tech company offering highly adaptive, engaging and effective live learning programs for students KG to 12 (K-12). MEEM provides kids friendly one to one live classes in Moral education, School tuitions, Calligraphy, Art & Craft, Computer coding and more. As an online educator, MEEM helps the students to develop their moral and soft skills, talents in an engaging learning environment.

At MEEM, we are working towards transforming this online education wave into a highly personalized individual outcome-based system Merging the latest technology, pedagogy, and services. MEEM is creating an immersive learning experience for the world – anytime and anywhere. Based on our market research and discussion with the industry, it’s identified that ethics driven, socially committed quality education has critical supply demand imbalance.

Our vision is to design and deliver the best in class programs to develop socially committed, ethics driven citizens contributing in nation building process. With MEEM, we promise to equip you with the perfect mix of relevant knowledge, skills and technical capabilities help you to achieve your social & career goals.

MeeM has a mission to provide affordable world-class moral education for anyone, anywhere.

Yes, MeeM is a registered EDTECH company. The content on MeeM is crowd sourced from various contributors. The overall quality of courses may not be completely equal, but many consumers find value in the ability to supplement their learning opportunities. MeeM provides educational and skills advancement resources for individuals who don’t have access to traditional moral education or who want to improve their expertise in a specific field.

MeeM offers a mix of accredited and no accredited courses. Some of its accredited classes feature specialized subjects and are offered in partnership with colleges and universities.

Some MeeM courses are free, but most individual online courses cost between $18 and $60 per/Month for live classes in One-on-One / One-to-Many mode. Specialized programs and online degrees are also available from MeeM and have varying price points.

Yes. People who can’t access to Moral education often benefit from taking courses on MeeM, as do those who want to receive specialized training in a particular subject.

Our Features

  • 100 % online courses
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Self-paced learning
  • One-to-one and one to many student-teacher interactions
  • Customized Syllabus
  • Streaming App support
  • Online assessment and administration system
  • Multipurpose, a highly scalable portal for selecting virtual courses, student registration, evaluation, mentoring and other certification purposes
  • High-quality tutors onboarding and training system