Meem homeschooling enhances practical-oriented personalized learning,


in which your short term involvement allows exploring a wide range of knowledge in a harmonious home environment. Direct access to children's progress through one's own LMS account at meem helps to decide the priority fields for parents.
- Discovering strength and weakness
- Independent learning
- Personalized learning
- No external distraction
Making transparent islamic teaching to all fingertips across the world.

Islamic schooling

Numerous Muslims across the world are out of Islamic wisdom due to the lack of facilities. Meem introduces the global solution to know Islam closely from Sunni scholars. Setting a strong foundation to Islamic beliefs, basics, practices, and aesthetic beauty, is our core concern. Search for the short and long term best Islamic courses online ends here.
  • Our  Islamic studies courses include
  • Quran learning along with Tafseer and Tajweed
  • Hadees
  • Values and character building
  • Training of practices
  • Jurisdiction of four schools
  • Tasavvuf
  • Aqeeda(faith)
Are you looking for personal empowerment driven by Islamic spirituality?To cope up with modern corporate trends is also important at the same time.

Talent Factory

What firm provides such combined training?
Yes, Meem provides. Then what are the focused areas in this program?

  • Reinforcement of human potential
  • Spiritual empowerment
  • Ingredients to maintain a happy home atmosphere
  • Future-oriented career skills
  • Effective leadership ideas