Now, Azan is doing his second grade in school. 

At school, Teachers are complaining he is not cooperative with the students. Not ready to share what he has. He is trying to disturb the students and tell lies to escape. Parents and teachers tried to convince this would make him mischievous and distorted. But he moves his own track.

Parents took the advice from many of their friends. One of the friends seiyad asked them. How did you understand and practice the values we need to follow?

They stuck for a while and went through their childhood. Usthad(Religious teacher) came to their mind.

The story of sheikh Abdulkhadir  told by usthad (Islamic teacher)  from their madrasa(System for Islamic and Quran learning)about telling the truth always restrained from dishonesty. 

What is our motivation to help others?

The Father recalled the story of Aboobaker ® which is heard from madrasa classes that he visited an old woman and children every morning and serve the food and wash their clothes in between his busy schedule as a ruler of the state.

Seiyad broke the silence and asked what made you stuck?

Father said. Yes! that is missing for Azan. It was a meaningful question Mr.Seiyad. Thank you.

Seiyad said. Thoughts and stories mixed Madrasa(Religious institution) classes directed us to go on the right track. That was a great value enrichment program we had attended. 

They both agreed. That is right

But in our locality  Pennsylvania, No madrasa we can send him and the online madrasa and Quran learning I tried was not effective.

Seiyad replied.

Don’t you know my son?

Did you see him when he was a child?

Yes. we saw him before the terrific cartoons only.

How did he deal with you? Seiyad asked again

By pointing to me, He shouted you who is this? 

It was not a good experience.

Father told

If you come with me now. He wishes you and gives a good reception. 

Now he is engaged with productive videos and shorts. It hasn’t happened within one or two months. 

What have you been doing for these changes? Father asked

For one and a half years, he has been attending weekly five classes at MeeM online madrasa. Quran learning and Islamic teaching are their primary focus. On behalf of just content delivery, They have an approach of teaching, learning, evaluation and practice. Assuring these four make a transformation in our child.

They give the activities and practising methods after the introduction of the content. Students try to explore themselves by using google and discussing with others. After presenting students’ views, they correct them. Interesting assessment games motivate the children to follow the content.

This methodology of teaching lets our students make decisions themselves. 

I had an experience last week.

My son was attending the birthday party of his friend. While having food, he came to know the chicken is not halal. 

He didn’t touch it even though he likes it the most.

Oh! It’s a wonderful experience. I am thinking to take admission for Azan. What is the procedure?

Father asked

Seiyad replied. Take this link and register. They will get back to you. 

Children live online. Let’s let them learn Qur’an and Islam at their own comfort time and place. Take a look at meem onlie madrasa.

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