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Virtual madrasa

We give: Islamic education- including values, Quran studies, practices, rules, and regulations- is inserted into the well-designed curriculum and distributed as per the requirement and convenience of the learner side. Our application-level approach helps you to follow the Quran and the footsteps of the prophet. Sure!
Quranic meaning, recitation and memorization enables by sitting home.

Light of the Quran

According to the Muslims, Quran recitation and understanding its meaning are so crucial. Our well-designed personalized curriculum, regular practising facility, digital interactive sessions, instructors versant with good methods, definitely make your way easy. Light of the Quran also offers

Ø learning recitation ⇒modern techniques
Ø Thahfeelul Quran ⇒ memorization strategies
Ø Thafseerul Quran ⇒ aesthetic beauty

Spiritual and skill enrichment are collectively programmed and make easy the challenge of making a strong personality.

Talent hub

Skill-enrichment and self-development are the main points of discussion of educational dialogues. Unlike others, Meem offers an empowerment opportunity of both at the same time. Strong spiritual methods and self-empowerment are combined together in our curriculum. Talent hub accommodates:-
❖ An overview of computer and data sciences gives an external picture of the world they are going to face.
❖ The practice of arts & craft to explore the creative talent
❖ Developing an esteemed personality
❖ Inspiring the regular practice of Islamic tutorials
❖ Forming an attitude of environmental conservation and improvement

Events like summer camps,clap are conducted as a part of the talent hub during specific intervals. It includes skill development and personal empowerment programs. Enrol directly and be a part of future building

On behalf of demotivating children from the usage of technology, teach them the wise usage of unbounded opportunities at early ages...

Islamic preschool

Early age digital and moral literacy is defined as our core objective of the preschool course. In simple words, This facilitates laying an effective foundation of life and career skills in a child friendly atmosphere.