Moms tell stories of evils by making horror characters  to tempt the eating of little children. Those characters have no more existence but people are familiar with them and most of them believe they are real. On the same way some one puts Islam as an evil character and tells muslims will come and wipe you out. They succeeded with the help of high reach media and keeping the allegations of verse attacks against muslims on air. The Quran is also misused for their justification by generalizing the specific commands. Life of prophet clearly states what is the viewpoint of Islam

Any relation to non muslims is forbidden by the Quran.  Is it true

Meanwhile our beloved prophet lived a Quranic life as Ayisha( Ral) said, he made business with non muslims, visited non muslim patients and gave the honour for the dead body of a  jew. Once he Mortgaged his robes before a jew for getting some food flour which happened the last time of the prophet’s life. The holy Quran should be explained by words and doing of the prophet. This is very clear from the verse

( لتبين للناس ما نزل إليهم )

We revealed to you the message that you may make clear to the people.(Surah Al-nahl-44)

When a jewish girl who threw the waste towards the prophet became sick, he visited her and consoled. By seeing the real history of one who deserved to teach Quran, how could be raise allegations of terrorism against Quran without exploring it’s real meaning. Islam put forward a style of social harmony as prophetic life reveals.

Every non muslims should be killed? What Islam says

At first,Pls try to understand

Quran is a short book of telling the entire life of a Muslim. Elaborating each side is not the style of the Quran. So that the prophet peace be upon him had entrusted to give the proper explanation. My intention should be explained by me and the intention of the Quran should be explained by Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him and great scholars of Islam as well.

Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him and his followers became tired after a long journey. While resting beneath trees, a non muslim man came.He took the sword of prophet  and awaken him. Everyone around them is quiet asleep, He asked ; Who could save you ye Muhammed. A solid voice came out; Allah.  He trembled and fell down the sword.The prophet peace be upon him took it with a quick move and asked the same to him. He was frightened and pleaded. No Muhammed.I expect mercy from your side. Prophet did nothing

What a beautiful style of humanity it is. Do you think this is a religion of violence? Pls try to understand what was the stand of the prophet from his own life and his own words. As you know it’s trustfully recorded. Let’s have a journey with MeeM to know what real Islam is saying by joining online Islamic courses at your own pace.

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