“Prophet story series; witness the key events of prophetic life

Prophet Muhammad’s Resilience: A Divine Triumph Amidst Hardship During the battle of Khandaq, an army of over ten thousand from Makkah marched towards the small city of Madina, intent on an attack. The Muslims faced a critical decision. After careful consideration, they resolved to dig a trench around the city to prevent the army’s advance. Despite the scorching heat, the…

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<strong>The Moral Edu-end</strong>

The Moral Edu-end

Now, Azan is doing his second grade in school.  At school, Teachers are complaining he is not cooperative with the students. Not ready to share what he has. He is trying to disturb the students and tell lies to escape. Parents and teachers tried to convince this would make him mischievous and distorted. But he moves his own track. Parents…

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