The prophet Muhammed peace be upon him and his followers were sitting at Masjid after Fajr. He asked
Who among you visited a patient today?
Aboobaker (ral) says. I am
Who among you did a part of a funeral today?
Same reply from Aboobaker(ral)
Who among you did the charity today?
He replied again me

Pls note, this happened just after the Fajr jamaat(Namaz in congregation). The holy Quran introduced the residents of paradise as foremost in faith and good deeds. It’s very clear why the prophet (swal) gave glad tides of jannah to Aboobaker (ral). Powerful belief in Allah and his messenger was his outstanding quality. Dedication to the prophet and outstanding decisions and execution points out his uniqueness.

Strong believer

He was the first and best believer, never worshipped idol. The world had astonished before his firm strand in belief several times. Courage to ascertain the belief even if he was sure that it harms him that made him an extra ordinary. Once, the prophet peace be upon him was doing tawaf . Non believers in Mecca started abusing the prophet and came out to attack him. By seeing this Aboobaker ral came and received what they were going to do the prophet (sal) Due to the strong push and beat, he lost his consciousness. Again he was undergone the same torture when he anoounced his faith before public. Bitter experience never motivates him to think about giving up the faith. All these incidents made his belief strong

Getting the name sidheeq

In the 10th year of Nubuwwah, Prophet peace be upon him was blessed with the chance to meet Allah and travel to Palestine within one night which is situated at a distance of more than three months. Non muslims unanimously denied the possibility and said Muhammed is mad now. They came into Aboobaker ral and asked. What do you think about it? If Muhammed peace be upon him said so, I believed without any doubt. He was honoured with the name sidheeq for making the prophet true even though some of the Muslims were doubtful about the isra and Mi’raj.

Most helpful to the prophet(sal)

Prophet (sal) Told; No wealth is beneficial for me like Aboobaker.Aboobaker ral cried and asked aren’t my body and wealth for you ya rasoolallah. Reached the help of Sidheeq (ral) to the prophet (sal) in every occasion needed. At the time of migration, he provided the full support by accompanying and doing all arrangements for an instant journey. Protected the prophet without considering his life. That’s why the Umar (ral) told the belief of Aboobaker( ral) at the time poisoned from a snake while they were in the cave sour is more than the iman of entire people in the world. If the prophet seeks any donation Aboobaker did his best.

Decision maker and outstanding leader

Entire Madeena was shocked When the prophet passed away. Umar (ral) shouted, if any one says the prophet(sal) passed away, I will kill him. Aboobaker ral invited the attention of people and asked. If you believe in Allah as the god, he is alive. If you believe in Muhammed as god he passed away. The companions of the prophet including Umar( ral) had been convinced with reality. Changing the mindset of a crowd within a few minutes is powerful leadership.

During his rule as a caliph, a group of people took the stand. We are not going to pay zakat except the prophet(sal). Aboobaker (ral) proclaimed. Aboobaker will battle until they pay the last coin of zakat. Hazrath Umar discouraged and suggested not to go ahead with a battle but he was firm and collected complete zakat from each payable citizen.

Aboobaker (ral) is the best after prophets and enters paradise just after the prophet peace be upon him. Once the prophet (sal) told’ If I choose a best friend it would be Aboobaker. There are many things to say about his grade.  The extraordinary qualities owned by him drove him to such a position.Follow these holy footsteps is the way before us. Start learning and following from this month onwards in which he passed away. May Allah bless us.


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