Tutors Manual

Educationists are heavily responsible for guiding the growing generation, arming them with faith and protecting them against trials and temptations. The Muslim Ummah should deem herself above regarding education as a mere means of increasing material wealth and neglect the noble goals of education. The young boy who goes to school is like an empty vessel and within days and years; this vessel will be filled with conducts, manners and ways that are learnt from educational institutions. Here, his life and moulds his way of thinking and way of life. Thus, the  education embodies the identity of the society and the Ummah and shows her values.

The radiance of enlightening mission of MeeM Academia is to flourish the moral wisdom across the globe along with skill and talent based education,  in this regard you are requested to follow the procedures and norms.

Who is a MeeM tutor ?

  • Nurturing students’ personality through a stimulating environment in such a way of making them fit for eternal success. 
  • Enrich the curriculum by developing extraordinary IEPs 
  • Make student friendly evaluation frequently
  • Ensuring continuous augmentation  of teaching standards and learning in accordance with the learner needs.
  • Connect the topics to life and let learner to experience what they are learning
  • Helping students that are currently performing below grade-level to begin catching-up through blended learning;
  • providing on-demand online tutoring;
  • Follow the system and ensure the organised learning practice.

Roles of a tutor

  • Inspirator 
  • Demonstrator
  • Nourisher
  • Learner 
  • Evaluator
  • curator 
  • Researcher
  • Guide
  • Mentor
  • Visionary

Responsibilities to the organization

  • Ensure the standards of MeeM throughout the deals
  • Attend the meetings held by the organization and its bodies regularly
  • Submit the suggested documents on time
  • Contribute your best to the campaigns and events conducted 
  • Revise your strategies and methods with updated knowledge in the field.
  •  increasing the teaching of technology skills by embedding technology literacy in academic content; and
  • providing professional development opportunities for teachers, including mentoring and learning communities.

Tutor journey

  • Interview
  • Training
  • Internship
  • Tutorship
  • Team lead
  • Team Manager

Opportunities suitable to the taste


Register on website and invite your friends too

Wait for your turn of interview 

Try to understand about MeeM by referring site

Call the representative if necessary


A process to identify the people suitable to the standards of MeeM in which candidates are either selected for the MeeM entry level training  program or hold for coming selection. Chance remains for the rejected if they are capable of contributing areas other than tutorship.  

Entry level training program

Selected candidates for tutorship should attend MeeM entry level training program. After attending an open house of training they can join the training batch with completing the registration process. It needs to pay a caution deposit as informed by training officials which will be refunded whenever the candidate completes the internship. 

Entry Level training program includes

Teaching pedagogy

Preparation of IEP

Language and accent building

Online class etiquette

Thajveed training

Continuous evaluation

Learning disability

Technical training

Introduction to pedagogical methodologies

Teaching workshops

How to act in training

Attend session regularly

Share the feedback with the coordinator

Show up your best during the training

Attend the tests on time

To note

In case of considerable inconvenience in attending training, trainee should inform the coordinator and follow his instructions.

If the trainee failed to follow training without  significant reasons the paid amount will not be refunded.

Selection of interns

Based on the performance, attendance, one to one meeting and Evaluation test; interns would be selected after completion of half of training onwards.This interns shall be added to a specific team to complete their internship according to the form filling of team allocation. Once rejected from internship, they should restart the training as usual with it’s procedures.   

Refund of caution deposit

Training caution deposit is refunded only after the successful completion of the internship of 40 slots or two months. Those who skip the training, not eligible for internship can not expect the refund. If the trainee informed his inconvenience to attend the training properly in the current batch and take permission to attend in coming batches; that’s fine.

Starting Internship

Allocated team members will be provided classes as a part of their internship. Forty sessions or two months are considered as the internship preferably what meets first. Internship helps MeeM to define what kind of tutor you are and how you act after attending a good training. He should wait for the next chance if the tutor is rejected by the parent with a maximum of ………. chances. After the internship , the tutorship at MeeM will be officially confirmed if your practice meets the requirements. The remuneration process will be opened after the confirmation of tutorship.

How to start classes

Student will be allocated by the team lead.

Team lead will make the course and tutor will be added to the course in LMS.

Everything after this will be managed via LMS.

Provide a trial class .

Can proceed class; only if parent is satisfied.

Ensure before the class

An active internet connection

Set a good background and MeeM banner on zoom or G-Meet or other video conferencing tool.

Attractive formal dressing (over coat & Purdha preferred)

Prepare the lesson plan before the class and submit it to your team lead.

Submit the diagnostic test paper and remedial lesson plan if you are going to conduct.

Teaching Aids.

Efficiency of camera and audio.

Silent ambience of room.

Regards with schedule

Fix a time and schedule your class in LMS.

If any changes in time inform parent 24 hours in advance.

Inform the parents 48 hour in advance in the case of tutor unavailability at class time

Replace the session to any other day in the same week if possible

All missing classes should be recovered before end of the month

Consequences of class missing

Only the tutor is responsible If he failed to recover the missed class. As per the MeeM advance payment system, invoice will be raised on the first day of each month and pay the fee in advance. It makes a serious issue of losing what a student deserves in the case of missing classes.

Regarding IEP

Make an IEP after the requirements of the parent and student are assessed.

IEP should be modified if necessary

Do the evaluation each and every units taught

Deliver the class as per IEP and convince parent about  the outcomes

Make sure students are practicing what you have taught and enjoy your fruit

Prepare Lesson plan based on IEP

Conduct a mom’s meet to discuss and analyse IEP.

LMS Management

MeeM whole system works under a well developed learning management system. As a tutor in LMS you should 

Schedule the class 

Mark daily attendance manually

Add the course contents in a regular basis

Conduct the unit tests , diagnostic test and remedial class


Other Than the monthly evaluation, semester wise evaluation should be conducted and hand over the marks to the exam board by using the link provided. They will issue a certificate of level completion based on the score.

On the  Job training

MeeM conducts various sessions and discussions as a part of on job training. Assure your presence for understanding the current scenario of online teaching. We will be outdated if we can’t grab the changes. Improvise your pedagogical methodologies with the calibre you acquired. Recurring workshops to mould and shape the teaching skills orchestrated with futuristic goals.

Student on leave 

taking a  leave for a maximum of three months and a minimum of ten days by the student should be added to the leave log. A slight mistake in this regard may lead to the invoice raising  for a student on leave which violates the ethics of a moral edtech company. Fill the same form again whenever he comes back to the class. 

Temporary or permanent exit of the student

Sometimes students want to exit for a specific period of more than three months considered as a temporary exit and give them a space in the exit log. This is also crucial because of the reason mentioned in leave. Give them a readmission whenever they come back. 

If the student moves to a permanent exit that should be reported in the exit log.

Organizational communication regards

Submit by weekly reports each 10 and 25 of every months

Submit monthly report at 25th

Share monthly session tracker before 27

Report The problems before team lead with in 24 hours if any

Respond your higher authority asap

Make sure attendance in meetings and programs 

Contribute your best for the events conducted by the organization

Submit lesson & remedial plans.

Regards with the payment

Amount criteria

 You will get a payment of how many classes you have taken in the month.No fixed amount for any single tutorship at MeeM.

For complaints regarding payment contact Ashhar Abdulazeez 

Communication skill

The aspects for checking weather the communication is proper

  • Am I able to exchange thoughts and ideas confidently?
  • Am I able to augment the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills among the students for enhanced communication? 
  •  Do I know the concept of Body Language?
  • Do I aware about various online tools for making the communication effective and utilize it ?
  • Do I explore continuously to find the latest ?
  • Am I capable for making a virtual-beyond atmosphere properly by setting perfect prerequisites of online class?
  • Do I have pedagogical awareness ?

Subject matter/Academic Competence

  • Evaluate it by asking these questions to the self
  • Do I have a thorough understanding of the subject? 
  • Am I capable of solving the problems regarding the subject?
  •  Am I aware of the learning objectives and learning outcomes of the subject?
  • Can I use my knowledge to create the course content in interesting and diverse ways?
  •  Do I contribute to the creation of resources that ignite the love for learning? 
  • Do I create resources using a student-centric approach?
  • Am I aware about multidisciplinary content flaws according to the needs?
  • Am I aware of methodologies and teaching strategies ?

On leave requests

·         Shouldn’t take unwanted leaves for mere reasons .

·         Send your leave request to your team lead a day before.

·         For long leave or maternal leave send the request as early as possible by anticipating the starting date.

Stand with the Authority

As MeeM has noble vision and mission to kindle the world with knowledge and spiritual wisdom, it is a great deed to stand with MeeM and helping to accelerate the mission. Kindly participate the initiations to fulfil the goal.