Global Quranic Spelling bee

Spelling Bee

Assalaamu Allaikum,

MeeM is excited to present the season-2 of Global Quranic Spelling Bee to engage and connect our kids with Quran. May Allah (the most high) make us among those who make an effort to learn, to reflect and to apply them to our daily lives – Aameen. Through this effort, MeeM is further driving its commitment to educate and to connect our next generation to the Holy Book. We look forward to an active participation from the community and please do encourage your friends and family to do so. Kindly spread the word out to your contacts.

What is the Quranic spelling bee?
Quran Spelling Bee is an online competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words from the selected Juzh of Quran, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. To compete, contestants must memorize the spellings of words from selected portions of the Quran, and recite them accordingly.

How will the contest be organized?
It will be organized by Regions – North America, Asia, Middle East. Register to know more !

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Sample Word:
حَامِيَةٌ :
حَا فَتَحَة
الف سكون
مِيمْ كَسْرَة
يَا فَتَحَة
تَا ضَمَتَيْنِ
Arabic letters and signs are only allowed in answers.
Limited spots. Register ASAP
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General Instructions:

▪️ The competition can be attended as Individuals belonging to certain age groups as mentioned below:
* Age 8-11: Junior
* 12-15 : Senior
▪️ For the junior category, Questions will be asked from last 5 Juz’ from Qur’an while the portion for senior category will be last 10 Juz’.
▪️ A WhatsApp group for participants and parents will be created for time to time updation. Make sure you are there in the group and if not, kindly inform any of the meem or Nanma officials to add you to it.
▪️ Each Individual will have 2 chances. Once the chances are over, you will be eliminated.
▪️ Repetition of answer won’t be encouraged throughout the competition. Take your given time to think well and answer properly.

▪ As the competition is Qur’an Spelling Bee, the participants should make sure that they spell the words in accordance with the rules of Qur’anic recitation and pronounciation.
▪️ The timing for answering is proposed as follow:
1st round: 1 minute
2nd & 3rd: 45 seconds
4th onwards : as per the decision of judges
▪️ In case the competition progress so tightly that variations in the format is needed to find out the winner, the judges will have all the right to do so, like decreasing the time limit or such other changes in the questioning format